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GFM Corporation is a highly-qualified manufacturer serving a diverse set of industrial product applications within automotive, office furniture and other industries. Our mission is to be a low-cost solutions provider that strives for partnership and cooperation with our customer base and other stakeholders, to result in mutually beneficial success and prosperity. This in turns helps fuel growth and innovation for our collective futures.

Core Competencies/Value Proposition

Our core competency includes precision metal stamping techniques with other managed services including heat-treatment, finishing, molding, welding and light subassembly. When delivered with value – value that allows for a cost advantage to our customer while achieving or exceeding a level of product parity with our competition, our customer succeeds in the marketplace. That is the definition of success at GFM.

In many cases, GFM provides a lower-cost, equivalent product offering to fineblanked metal stampings by utilizing the Gripflow™ process. Our goal is to maintain customer satisfaction with outstanding service, technical support, quality, delivery and price – at a location geographically desirable for their needs.

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