About Us

GFM was founded after a market-driven reality suggested industries would benefit from increased competitiveness within the fineblank stamping segment. GFM follows the design parameters and product requirements traditionally specified for fineblanking, yielding a smooth-edge surface with a very repeatable, engineering-accepted alternative commonly known today as “Gripflow.”

Our staff has significant years of experience in many diverse areas, which complements our core business. These areas include progressive stamping, fineblanking, tool building and seating mechanisms. GFM’s knowledge is transferred to support your unique product requirements, eliminate unnecessary costs and ensure a successful program.

  • 1995: GFM’s First Facility Founded in Roseville, Michigan
  • 1996-present: Significant Investment in Capital Equipment
  • 2004: Affiliation with the Gripflow Group Strengthens Global reach
  • 2008: Further Expansion to New Markets
  • 2011: Expanded capabilities to include Light Assemblies and Forming Operations
  • 2012: GFM purchased by $350M Indian based company LGB
  • 2013: GFM purchases new facility doubling the manufacturing space allowing for Continuous Growth and Vertical Integration
  • 2014: GFM purchases a 800T Gripflow Press expanding capabilities
  • 2015: GFM purchases a 650T Mori Fineblank Press providing the ability to produce a greater complexity of parts
  • 2019: GFM Purchases 55T Vertical Over Mold Machine
  • 2019: GFM Purchases Rimaco Double Disc Grinding Machine
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