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GFM LLC, manufacturer of quality metal stamped products is committed to reducing of consumption of
excessive energy (Electricity, Water and Gas). We will continue monitoring and reducing our
Environmental Impact through:

Reviewing and complying to specifications and regulations on our products and output.
Conforming to environmental laws, regulations, standards, and other requirements such as
site permits to operate.

Though our business practices, we will strive to prevent air, water, and chemical pollution
through systemic review of new and changed products, recycling, when possible, proper
disposal and a safe work environment.

Providing an avenue for interested parties to advise GFM LLC of perceived non-compliance
and customer complaints regarding the environmental impact of GFM LLC.

Continuous Improvement
Minimize consumption of energy, water, and non-recyclable composition within our products.
Improve the work environment through fiscally responsible environmental management.

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