Gripflow Process

Gripflow is a precision metal stamping process that produces highly accurate parts with smooth square edges. Compared with its rivals, Gripflow produces parts with the characteristics of Fineblanking at a lower cost. Gripflow leverages the merits of conventional stamping and Fineblanking processes to derive an economical alternative yet high-quality product.

Gripflow can:

  • Eliminate secondary machine operations
  • Pierce holes smaller in diameter than the stock thickness
  • Coin countersinks the entire thickness of the stock material
  • Stamp gear teeth
  • Hold close tolerances
  • Make the smooth-edge only where it is required
  • Improve your part’s flatness
  • Smooth-edge surfaces up to 100% shear
  • Minimal hole and position tolerance requirements at 0.025mm (0.001″)
  • Superior flatness at 0.025mm (.001″) per linear inch
  • Holes can be pierced close to part edges: Web of 50% of material thickness
  • Net part shape from a single-station or progressive die
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